Calamophis jobiensis Meyer, 1874

Calamophis jobiensis Meyer, 1874: 135. Holotype: MTKD 1026, destroyed in World War II. Type Locality: Ansus, Yapen, Indonesia.

Brachyorrhos jobiensis – Peters and Doria,1878: 371.

Brachyorrhos albus – Boulenger, 1893, 1: 305.

Distribution: Known only from type locality on Yapen Island, Indonesia.

Diagnosis: This diagnosis is based on a translation of the original description: 164 ventrals and 10 subcaudals. Upper labials six; third and fourth enter orbit, eight lower labials, one preocular, one postocular; pentagonal internasal contacts rostral with one side and penetrates between prefrontals; subcaudals divided.


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