Brachyorrhos wallacei

Brachyorrhos wallacei Murphy, Mumpuni, de Lang, Gower, and Sanders, 2012a: 510. Holotype: BJE0 1059. Type locality: Jailolo, Halmahera, Indonesia.

Brachyorrhos albus – Boulenger, 1893, 1: 305.

Distribution: Halmahera, Indonesia (Murphy et al. 2012a).

Diagnosis: A fangless homalopsid. Usually lacks preocular, usually seven (rarely six) upper labials, tallest is sixth (rarely fifth). This snake is quite similar to B. raffrayi which has upper labial three in the orbit and the third is the tallest. Specimens of wallacei usually have the fourth upper labial (rarely 3+4) in the orbit, and the fifth is the tallest. Mitochondrial DNA data show that B. raffrayi and B. wallacei are separated by a deep molecular divergence despite their morphological similarity (Murphy et al., 2012a).

Probably terrestrial-fossorial. Diet unknown.


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