Brachyorrhos raffrayi Sauvage, 1879

Atractocephalus raffrayi Sauvage, 1879: 62. Holotype:  MNHN 5174. Type locality: Ternate, Indonesia.

Brachyorrhos albusvar conjunctus Fischer, 1879 (1880): 879.
Brachyorrhos albus– Boulenger, 1893, 1: 305.
Brachyorrhos raffrayi– Murphy et al., 2012a: 501

Distribution: Ternate, Indonesia (Murphy et al. 2012a).

Diagnosis:  A fangless homalopsid. Six upper labials, the third, rarely 3+4, enter the orbit, tallest upper labial is third; very pointed snout. A preocular is present in about 35% of the specimens examined, making it possible to confuse this species with B. albus

Probably terrestrial-fossorial. Diet unknown.


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